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MY BROTHER (BROSKI) IS MY NUMBER ONE ANGEL NOW & FOREVER- UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN! YOU'RE MY BROTHER, BEST FRIEND & GAURDIAN ANGEL. UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN sally A huge thank you to Sally Riggs for helping Cutie Cute through her cancer and for always keeping us stay positive and shining. We love you so much and Cutie Cute says thank you Auntie Sally for make my life much better and more comfortable Laurie yours is coming up next! You are the Center!~ You helped In so many ways! Donating, fostering, transporting, volunteering,making necklaces with me, the website designer and the therapist! I love you like family. You mean so much to me and the fur kids! You will never know just how much but hopefully you have an inkling ;-) AdyGilAdy is always there to help Strangest Angels and ALL of it's Animals. We adore Ady and his Beloved Rescue Dog and fur child, Kayla. Ady Has gone above and beyond to help Strangest Angels Animal Rescue, From everything to Volunteering to Sponsoring. He has been an incredible force in helping death row, abused and neglected animals. WE LOVE AND ADORE YOU ADY! In loving memory of  Sarah R.I.P. Sarah: 11/25/77 - 3/9/08; who was a huge animal lover, on behalf of her sister Heather B. Until you meet again. I am thankful for knowing you. elayne FOR ELAYNE BOOSLER AND TALES OF JOY FOR ALL THEIR SUPPORT & LOVE Dedicated to our precious and beloved friends Elayne and Wiley- Wiley Siddons Boosler Feb. 5, 1994 - Jan. 18, 2009 He was a great, good boy. Love, Elayne Arm the Animals!!! The Kindest Rockstars ever! Amazing clothes with a fabulous message for the Animals! WE LOVE U! arm the animals A deep hearted thank you to The Tony La Russa's Foundation! They not only are an amazing Rescue and adoption center, they help people and other rescues with their generosity and compassion. Please check out their website. arf THANK YOU TO LORI WOLF AND CAROL LEIFER FOR BEING INCREDIBLE SPONSORS FOR KONA AND MANY OTHER FUR BABIES! THANK YOU TO LORI WOLF AND CAROL LEIFER FOR BEING INCREDIBLE SPONSORS FOR KONA! We absolutely love dedications with donations. You are our Angels. Please contact us if you would like a special dedication.

FOR: A Particular Doggy in California Needing a Blood Test FROM: Goldstein & Donald Murphy, two happy healthy smart-alecky rescued doggies in TexasThank you so much Goldstein and Donald for your kindness