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Lancaster Puppy Mill Bust Help Needed

I just helped pick up 40 more dogs last night with LCA from the Lancaster Puppy Mill Bust… so tired, but I want to get this out to you. All the dogs are currently in Boarding care. More photos and Adoptable Dogs coming in the next few days.

LCA’s investigation into World Kennels, a puppy mill located in Los Angeles County, has resulted in the surrender of more dogs!

The LCA investigation into Southern California puppy mills, reported by CBS reporter David Goldstein, resulted in a re-inspection of World Kennels. 402 dogs were found there living in inhumane conditions. The County ordered World Kennels to reduce the number of dogs to 100 or else be shutdown.

LCA and Best Friends Animal Society are currently assisting in the rescue of over 40 dogs and accepting donations for the cost of their medical bills!

Last Chance for Animals President, Chris DeRose, pictured here with two World Kennels rescue puppies. World Kennels is on of Posh Puppy’s primary suppliers.

LCA uncovered that LA County is riddled with puppy mills like World Kennels, which supply pet stores such as Posh Puppy . LCA, Best Friends, and many dedicated animal lovers have been protesting Posh Puppy pet stores in Beverly Hills and Tarzana for months to expose the pet store-puppy connection.

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