Links About Sponsor an Animal Adopt Home


We have a lot of Adoption Events, and Fundraising Events coming up. Please contact us to volunteer!


ORGANIZE A FUNDRAISER – a car wash, yard sale, neighborhood party, bake sale… be creative!

DONATE SUPPLIES – We always need new or old beds, leashes, crates, toys, food, biscuits, chew bones, bowls, etc.

DONATE YOUR SERVICES – Do you have a business or a skill that can be used to help us raise money or help the dogs? Use your imagination and think out of the box!

“IN LIEU OF GIFTS” – Many of us are very lucky, and we have the things we really need, right? Next time you have a party, ask people to donate toys or money to help homeless dogs instead of giving gifts to you or your children… It’s a gift that can save a life.

WALK A DOG – Many of our dogs are boarding in kennels. They love walks, trips to the park, hikes, sitting outside and getting some love and one-on-one attention. If you can’t have a dog, it’s a great way to get some puppy love on a weekend or whenever you’ve got the time.

FOSTER A DOG – click on the “foster program” link for more info.

ADD OUR LINK TO YOUR WEBSITE – The more people who see our dogs on this website, the more chance we have of finding them great homes as soon as possible.

SPEAK UP! Tell your kids, friends, family, even strangers about the importance of spaying / neutering dos to cut down on overpopulation. Spread the word about rescuing versus buying puppies from pet stores or breeds. Teach responsible pet ownership and compassion.

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