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Strangest Angels wants to be part of the solution to LA’s overcrowded shelters. We want to help them become no-kill shelters. The only way we can do that is help get animals adopted.

I have been told by several people they want to adopt from the local Animal Shelters, but are afraid to go. They are afraid of being sad. Afraid of not picking the right animal. Afraid of a lot of things. I understand. As a new service and for a small donation to Strangest Angels Animal Rescue (typically $50), I will meet you there and bring the dog you are interested in out to you, and stay with you while you make your decision. Or I will take you through the Shelter.

There are so many wonderful animals there, through no fault of their own, waiting for loving homes. So why shop for a loving companion, when you can save a life!

Did you know nearly 40% of the animals is Shelters are pure bred? Chances are if you love a specific breed you will find one in your local Shelter. Right now LA Shelters are full of Chi’s, Yorkies, Poodles and many other small breeds folks typically buy from Pet Stores. It is of our opinion that older animals, and abandoned animals make the best pets. But we love puppies and kittens too, and you will find many pups and kitties in shelters.

If you are a local pure bred rescue, please contact us. We would love to have a netwok to call when we come across a pure bred animal in the shelters.

Strangest Angels Animal Rescue usually deals with mix breeds, and Death Row animals. We truly believe that if we all help out and work together, there will be a day when our work slows and Animal Shelters become just that, a place where Animals wait for their Loving Homes.

Again, please contact us.

Here are just a few of the Animals we have rescued from California Shelters.

My Rescue Babies!

Photos are coming soon. Most site photos are of rescued animals from local shelters.

Check out our Adoptable Doggies, all from local shelters.