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Happy Tails

599387_10150882602913105_2101205168_n318056_10150882570808105_767503811_nWe simply love our Happy Tails!


It’s been just about a year now that you brought Ellie into our lives.  I thought I’d give you one last update.  She has become a confident little dog who loves to sniff and explore everywhere and anywhere.  As much as we love having her on our laps when we are watching television at night, she had a mind of her own and sometimes just paddles off to her little bed next to ours.  We’ve developed a new tradition of bringing her into bed with us in the morning and she burrows under the covers until we’re ready to get up.

Ellie could not be more perfect for us.  Every week she reveals a new side of herself we hadn’t seen before and we chalk that up to feeling safe and secure with us.  We thank you again for the privilege of being Moms to Ellie.  She fills our hearts and our home with so much love.

Lois P. Frankel, Ph.D.